Dual Boot under XPS2 - How DO I do it

Hey, guys, I’m somewhat new to the orum, but I love this distro and want to impliment it as a dual-boot on my Dell Inspiron 1150>2GB RAM>Celeron Processor>60GB hard Drive, 360 GB external drive. At any rate, are there any links as to how I go about doing this. Ubuntu was so simple, I figure this will be somewhat difficult, but I’m up to the challenge. Also, having problems with wireles. Followed directions on the wireless post, and can now configure a wireless network properly, but there seems to be no communication between the laptop and router. Also, when I connect to my wireless, nothing happens–I still have no connection. I really want this distro so I can learn more about Linux. ANY help concerning how I go about a dual-boot for opensuse 11.1 would be greatly appreciated. A link to a step-by-step guide would be great.:(:(:frowning:

This is how I installed a dual boot with Vista and Suse 11.1.

While I was in Windows I inserted my 11.1 installation DVD. The Suse installer setup automatically starts. Select the language and follow the instructions on the screen. Restart the computer and then choose 11.1 installer to start the Suse installation. You will then be prompted to reinsert the installation media.

By default, the installer will shrink the Windows partition and add 3 partitions for Suse.

I found this worked for me better than any other option.

Hope this helps…