Dual Boot Ubuntu/Open Suse

I currently have my system set up to dual boot Fedora with Ubuntu. I would like to replace Fedora with Open Suse.
How can I do this without corrrupting my Ubuntu installation ?


More information is need for your question to be answered.
What is your current partition scheme? Is it set up to use UEFI booting or MBR booting?
What version of openSUSE do you want to load as a replacement for fedora?
Which of the distro’s installed your current bootloader?

Was not able to attach snapshot of my Gparted so this will have to do. Hope it helps:

/dev/sda1 ext4 / (mount point) Used 17.15 GiB, Unused 282.16 GiB Boot (This would be my Ubuntu)

/dev/sda3 ext4 Assume this is Fedora? Used 128.75MiB. Unused 371.25MiB

/dev/sda4 lvm2 pv

/dev/sda2 extended

/dev/sda5 linus-swap Used 4.00KiB, Unused 5.58GiB

Unallocated 1.02 MiB

Machine is set up for MBR.
Want to install OpenSuse 13.2 Gnome
Main OS at this point is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Tell the opensuse installer to use “ext4” (or even “ext3”) for the root partition.

Tell it to boot from the root partition. Tell it to not probe for other operating systems. Tell it to not put generic code in the MBR, and to not set the active partition.

If you are installing with the DVD installer image (perhaps from USB), then when a partition setup is proposed, either select “edit” to change the proposal, or select “create partitioning” (followed by “custom partitioning” on the next screen), so that you can just reuse existing partitions. You will see a list of partitions. Right click on one of them to change what is to be done with that partition.

After the partitioning, clock settings, etc, there will be a summary screen. Click on the “Booting” heading to make the suggested changes for booting. Note that my suggestion for booting amount to telling the opensuse installer to keep out of the way, so that ubuntu can handle it.

When done, boot up ubuntu, and run “grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg” in ubuntu to add an entry for booting opensuse. You might have to repeat that final step whenever there is a kernel update in opensuse.