Dual boot Ubuntu 6.6 and opensuse

I have Ubuntu 6.6 installed how do I dual boot it with opensuse 11.0?

Can you supply a tiny bit of information about what you have installed on your system: I see you have Ubuntu. What other operating systems do u have? How many hard drives? Which hard drive do you plan to install Suse on, or is it installed?

I have an emac ppc it has one 40gb hard drive. I only want ubuntu and opensuse on it. I want them to be able to access the same files on the hard drive.

You need to decide which distro, Ubuntu or openSUSE, you want to control the boot. One will boot the other.

The grub methods used are different between the distros, and in particular the grub installation/setup/re-config tools and process are different (Ubuntu uses Debian).

If you want to continue using Ubuntu for control, it uses the “update-grub” script. There is a nice howto on that here Ubuntu Grub Howto which explains the Debian-specific control parameters used in menu.lst. More detail is here Ubuntu grub menu.lst. You have several choices for setting up the openSUSE boot from within Ubuntu’s menu.lst. Described here Ubuntu multiple linux OS’s grub; I suggest you use #3 because it doesn’t require any further grub installation in openSUSE and also any subsequent openSUSE changes will not require changes in Ubuntu.

You might want to use the distro with the newer GRUB if you are booting directly from one GRUB. I don’t know if OpenSUSE 11 on the PPC installed with the new 256-byte inode ext2/3 filesystems, but only the newer GRUBs can handle that. There were a couple of threads that bumped into this problem.