dual boot suse 12.1 and windows 7 ended up with windows 7 giving boot error......boot mgr is missing

hello, i am installing linux for first time and i tried dual boot suse with windows 7. win 7 was installed on c drive and after that i tried to install suse on some other drive.after installation suse loaded normally but when i tried to launch win 7 from grub screen it is giving “boot mgr is missing”. i installed grub loader into the mbr.why this error occured and how can i rectify that?

In openSUSE, open a terminal session and run the following command:

su -
fdisk -l

Windows 7 may have two partitions, one small and one large and the small one is the actual boot partition. The fdisk output can tell us which one it is. We could use a copy of your menu.lst file (used in openSUSE 12.1). Open another terminal session and give the text from this command:

sudo cat /boot/grub/menu.lst

In both cases copy the text from terminal into a message post here. You can put it into kwrite or gedit if you wish before placing in a message online here. When posting such text from fdisk and menu.lst file I request that you use the advanced message editor, select (highlight) the posted text and press the Code # button so it will look like the Code fields above, but larger. I can say that openSUSE might create a Grub OS selection entry for every NTFS partition that it finds, but only one is used to start Windows 7.

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