Dual Boot questions

Hello all; I have a requirement to install Windows XP onto a machine. This machine already has Suse 11.0 installed on it. From past experience I know that Windows likes to eat Grub and install its own boot-loader (and “forgetting” that there is an other OS installed!)

Would it be best to:-

  1. wipe the machine totally, install XP then install Suse?

  2. fumble through installing XP on the machine as it is now?

If necessary, I can wipe the HDD and start over but I don’t want to have to aas I have Suse all configured the way I like it.

sigh I just wish iTunes 8 would work in Wine :frowning:

You don’t need to wipe the machine. After the XP installation insert the openSuSE DVD and boot your installed suse. Go to YaST and reset the Boot Loader to boot from your root partition and hit the Finish button.

That’s great, thanks :smiley:

Okay I’m checked and this hack isn’t working with the 11.0 installer. So at the openSuSE boot screen you need to select Rescue System, then Expert Tools and here you will find an option Install New Boot Loader.

ps.: in 10.3 if you abort the installation it gives a menu with an option Start Installation or System, here you can boot from any existing partition. This would be the simplest way for restoring the Boot Loader, but I can’t do that with 11.0. :\