Dual boot question

I have openSUSE 12.1 dual booted with Windows 7. When i restarted my computer, opensuse booted automatically, it did some configuration stuff, then I was presented with a KDE login screen, I logged in, then rebooted. When I rebooted, I had 4 options:
openSUSE 12.1
windows 1
windows 2
openSUSE 12.1 failsafe mode
which windows do I select to boot into Windows 7?

The chances are, that either of those will work.

Windows does it that way, in case you use their “BitLocker” for an encrypted windows system. In that case, only “windows1” would work (assuming this is the same layout as your other thread).

Yeah sorry about posting this thread even though I had the same question there. I thought that since it was pretty old, and that a lot of people responded to it, it would be better to just make a new one.
Windows 1 works so Ill stick with that one.

Note that you can remove the second entry if you want by editing /boot/grub/menu.lst file as root.

or using YaST > System > Bootloader if you are afraid of poking around in config files.

BTW, I was a little mamzed about yoour first post. Didn’t you try both to see what happened before you started this threead?