Dual Boot Question

Hi all,
I have the 64 bit version of suse 11.1 (KDE4.2) installed on my computer now and its my main OS. When I installed linux I used the entire hard disk. Today i decided to put XP on a small partition because wine hates me and won’t run my games. I can’t resize my partitions because the large one is my /home and its mounted. How can i change its size to free up some space for xp?

Not sure, it can solve your problem.
you can use VM inside Linux to install XP.
u can install virtualbox from YAST.

I would prefer to just make a small partition to install it on. Do you know how to change the size of your home partition?

You can download Gparted and burn it as iso image. Boot the Live Gparted CD and then u can resize your partitions. but not sure about data loss.
Or may be some one have better idea here.

The other way is to login as root and unmount the /home partition partition and then resize the /home partion.
When finished, remount new the resized /home.

If you want to install xp, it must go onto a primary partition. If you have an extended partition and logical partitions inside the extended partition, it might not be a simple matter. OTOH if you have root, swap and home all primary partitions, there’s room for the xp partition as a primary partition.

Which is why in your other thread, I said that if you have a large drive and want multiple os’s, to create a small 500 meg first primary fat partition and then partition the rest as you like. It took me much playing around on my test pc trying to install win7 to an extended partition;-)

For years I had a fat16 partition first up. It’s a very good trick. I stopped using it about a year ago after I spent a month playing with Grub and came to know it better. I used to use xosl for a long time. That’s a handy piece of software.