Dual Boot Problems

I have suse 11.2 on my comp and I just installed xp on another HD in this comp. Now i cannot get any dual boot options and as such cannot get into linux. How do I get grub back?

If you used the dvd to install suse, boot from the dvd and follow the install until you get the options to repair the installed system.
Also look at this:
HowTo Boot into openSUSE when it won’t Boot from the Grub Code on the Hard Drive

XP assumes there is only one OS in the world; so it has overwritten the MBR.

Check out GRUB Boot Multiboot openSUSE Windows (2000, XP, Vista) using the Grub bootloader. for a solution.

Above link is out dated:
Don’t mix Win2000+WinXp solutions with Vista/Win7 !!!

If you want to use some extended partitioning:
Vista/Win7 is incompatible with WinXp and openSUSE-11.2 !!!

Win7 needs Mib alignments when using an extended partition. This is implemented since libparted-2.2. Therefore openSUSE-11.3 should be compatible to Win7 again…

Supporters in this forum:
fdisk -l -u
might help to dignose problems ("-u") !!!

Certainly not; this thread is about XP not Win7

I everywhere see supporters asking for output of fdisk without “-u” option, which doesn’t help. So I just wanted to mention, this doesn’t help for the new cases …

Just a word of caution, Windose “should” be installed first on a dual boot system and on the first HDD. This will cause a lot less headaches. In most cases you should be able to repair your MBR with your openSUSE DVD.