Dual Boot problem with C: and/or D:

I really enjoy using Tumbleweed so I installed it onto drive D and Mint Debian onto drive C. (not in that order…)for a dual boot but Tumble Weed won’t show at boot…?
Should I have installed Tumble Weed next to Mint Debian on the same drive…? :’( Thankyou for reading.
Any oppinions at all would really be great.

I assume that you are using Mint to manage the boot.

You could try (in Mint) running the command:

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

to see if that gives you a boot entry for Tumbleweed. If you are using “btrfs”, it’s possible that you will still have a problem.

By the way, the expressions “drive C” and “drive D” are not completely clear. It would be better to provide the output from

sudo fdisk -l

(and put that in code tags).