Dual Boot Opensuse LEAP 15 and Windows 10 x64 UEFI GPT


I have a problem in setting up dual boot system.

I had Kubuntu 18.04 LTS and Windows 10 dual boot desktop with UEFI - GPT partition table settings. Both of them are on a 256 GB SSD. Each one is 100gb in size rest is empty.
Both of them were working fine and life was awesome, till I decided to mess it up and install opensuse on top of kubuntu.

I deleted the kubuntu partition and installed opensuse 15 leap one top of it 64 bit using the btrfs partition type.
There were no errors shown during the installation process. Last notification shown before the restart was,
installation was successful and you need to reboot the system ( something like that, no the exact words).

Now the thing is the machine is stuck at the below window and I dont know what to do next.
Windows works as if nothing has happened to it.

Window now shows -

GNU GRUB version 2.02

Minimal BASH-list line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists possible device or file completions.

Please someone guide me on what to do to keep the windows os + the newly installed opensuse.
Please let me know if anymore info is needed from me to fix the issue.

Thanks in advance.


I created a bootable Ubuntu pendrive and installed then boot-repair application. I generated two log files, one before fixing the issue with the software, and one after fixing the issue.
Even after fixing the bootloader with this application, it did not solve the problem. I am still stuck at the same window as above.

I forgot to mention that I chose to enable the encryption on the installation partition. Hope this info helps.

I have both the log files. I dont see a way to attach it to the reply.

Can someone guide me?

Thanks in advance.


I would suspect that that Ubuntu stick would not repair an openSUSE properly.

You would have to use the openSUSE installer and use the Rescue there, I expect.

However, I am not a UEFI user, so I suggest you wait patiently for instructions from maybe Neil (nrickert) or other UEFI troubleshooters.

You have not said which kind of computer.

I have one computer where the UEFI system has too much memory. It works fine booting openSUSE. But if I were to install something else, say kubuntu, on top of that, then it would still try to boot openSUSE and give me similar message to what you are seeing.

The way around that, for me, would be to hit F12 during boot to get the BIOS boot menu. And then I could select which system to boot into. That’s a short term fix. The long term fix is for me to get into BIOS settings and change the boot order there.

I don’t know whether that is your problem. If your computer is a Lenovo, then there’s a good chance that it is. In any case, it is something to try.

Log of before fixing the issue


Log of after fixing the issue. boot-repair could not fix the boot as the live cd I was using was for diff os, plus the drive was encrypted.

Hope this helps.

I am unable to use any live cd of opensuse leap 15 KDE (950MB) version also the Rescue LiveCD (650MB) version.
both of them stuck at the same step after the leap icon flashes for sometime.
I have the snapshot of the errors. but cant paste the image as its 2 mb in size. allowed size seems to be 512kb only.

I have tried changing the boot order. it does not help as the option for the opensuse is absent.

Mine is a desktop computer intel 8th gen i5 cpu, 8gb ddr4 ram, gigabyte z370 hd3p mobo.

What about the installer you used? It has a Rescue option on it.

It must have booted in order for you to install?

And, nrickert asked you to identify the computer, as that might help. He should probably be able to help you best, here.

Can you check the EFI partition? In particular, is there a subdirectory “\EFI\opensuse” there (capitalization might be different). If that directory is present, can you give a file listing (“ls” command in linux) of that directory.

Hey I installed the OS again, this time I did not encrypt the os drive or the boot drive.
The thing is everything is working as it should be.

I assume as I encrypted the boot drive, installer could not install the grub boot loader as os installer did not ask for its password before copying.
It gave below error.

Execution of command “”/usr/sbin/shim-install", “–config-file=/boot/grub2/grub.cfg”]]" failed.
Exit code: 37
Error output: Installing for x86_64-efi platform.
Installation finished. No error reported.
invalid numeric value.

Hope it helps.

But I now have another issue rotfl!

I cant connect to internet. I have dlink DWA-131 nano usb adapter with realtek driver inside. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS also gave me issues setting this up (Kubuntu version did not).

The strange thing is I could connect to internet via the usb tethering on my phone in the ubuntu. USB tethering is also not working in opensuse. IDK what I am doing wrong here.

Please guide me what to do next to solve this problem.

The first step would be to start a new thread, with a good descriptive title.

Different folk have different areas of expertise. You want a title that will get the attention of the people best able to help you.

Okiedokie Thanks