Dual boot openSUSE and OS X

I have successfully dual booted OS X and Ubuntu before, but I’m trying openSUSE now, and I’m not sure how to do it.
If I install just openSUSE, it won’t boot, and if install openSUSE then Ubuntu, it won’t boot (and that is how I dual booted OS X and Ubuntu – installing Ubuntu second). Ubuntu installed a boot loader when I did it before, but with openSUSE, there is no boot loader.

Maybe I just need to install a boot loader? Not sure how to do that either, though…
Sorry if I seem too… ignorant of everything. I’m not very experienced with this.

Hi aaronweeks, welcome here.
What you have on the drive and what you want to do is unclear. So three question to help us:

  1. what’s on the drive now (if anything)
  2. what order were they installed
  3. what do you want to have on the drive when you finish

Currently I have a partition of openSUSE, a partition of Ubuntu, a swap partition, and empty space.

I installed openSUSE first, then Ubuntu.
I haven’t tried OS X with openSUSE yet, since I can’t even get openSUSE to boot by itself or with Ubuntu installed.

In the end, I want about 50 gigs of OS X, and the remaining space (about 30 gigs) to contain openSUSE, and whatever partitions are necessary for that (such as swap or whatever it will need).

I hope that is enough information.

Also, it is a PowerPC G4.

And thanks for the welcone =]

Also a couple of small partitions called “hsf”.

HFS is pple’s so called “Mac OS Standard” file system. You need to decide if there are data on the couple of small hfs partitions that you have, or maybe you don’t want them at all – only you can know.