Dual boot grub protection from win 7 update.

I saw a good quick fix for grub after win 7 updates over here

My question is, after WIN 7 sp1 it seems every update win 7 does borks grub and resets the system to boot from the Win 7 boot partition, Is there a way to prevent this or is it going to be a boot from CD and repair after every update?

Cause I know M$ isn’t going to want to fix it as they don’t like sharing systems.

I’m running
OpenSuse 11.4 Win 7 sp1 dual boot


You cannot prevent Windows from resetting the bootflag to its partition, but you can use the diskpart command under Window to set the bootflag back to your Grub partition.
See here: Windows and openSuse 11.4 dual boot problem - Page 5

There might be user-friendly tools that I don’t know about as well.

You can add an entry for linux/grub in the windows boot manager. That way, even if windows switch to boot itself, you can easily get back to the grub menu.

Multiboot opensuse and windows 7 with windows bootloader. - Page 3:wink: