Dual boot bootloader install problem

Hi all,

I am trying to install Opensus 12.3 in dual boot with already installed Windows 7.

I don’t wanna mess up windows installation so i am trying to install Suse on another HDD.
I have 3 HDD installed ( 2 sata and 1 pata).

Windows is installed on one sata and i am trying to install suse on pata.
I have 30 gigs free space, partitioned using suse setup menu.

when suse reaches to bootloader configuration i get errors and i cannot finalise instalation. If i play with bootloader settings a bit or choose not to install the setup will finish but i cannot boot to suse.

I attached an image with the problem.

Can you give me a hint or something ?

I want to keep windows 7 in good condition and use suse as secondary os. Is there any posibility to keep the bootloader as simple as possible ?

Thank you!

My 2 cents: keep everything re. hardware/BIOS the way it should be. openSUSE’s bootloader config will recognize the windows install and create an entry for it when everything is left default. You’ll see something like this:

  • openSUSE (version#)
  • Advanced options for openSUSE (version#) - this allows you to boot older kernels, to use Failsafe options
  • Windows

You are installing openSUSE (specifically, /boot directory) on one disk but attempt to install bootloader on another disk and that’s not possible for whatever reasons. On summary screen go in bootloader installation details and double check bootloader locations. Do not select multiple locations - select exactly one, which is on the same HDD where openSUSE is installed. Keep in mind that MBR in this case means - MBR on the first disk, where it is not always predictable, which disk will be considered “first” by installer. If you plan to boot openSUSE by selecting boot order in BIOS, you should install on MBR - explicitly select e.g. /dev/sdb (assuming sdb is your disk with openSUSE) which means "MBR on hard disk /dev/sdb).

In my experience, you can set that by clicking the “Boot Loader Installation Details” toward the bottom of the screen for boot loader.

Hi guys,

I’ve made it to work now. The bootloader gave me same error but i played with settings and forced setup to write MBR to that hDD that i used for install.

Then i set up the BIOS to use PATA device as 1st boot device. I have now Open Suse running and W7.

Thanks for hints!