Dual 23" Monitors Higher Resolution ?

Ok, im new to the forum here, however not new to linux or pc’s. I just installed suse 11.2 64 bit, on my computer, All the hard ware is working and running fine, however i can’t get BOTH monitors to run 2048X1152 x 2 for dual monitors, i can get one monitor at 2048X1152, then the other at 1680x1080 ( not exact resolution but its lower than the main)

Both monitors are identical and the video card is a ati XFX Radeon HD 4770 750MHZ 512MB 3.2GHZ GDDR5 Dual DVI TV Out PCI-E Video Card.

Can any one help ? when i do try to tell it to use same resolutions it says its out or reach.



I’ve never tried this myself.

With my laptop (with a Radeon HD3450 and the proprietary ATI Catalyst 10.3 graphic driver) I am able to have both my laptop display, and an external display, running at different, or the same, resolutions. What I do is boot my laptop without the external display plugged in, then plug in the external display, and type “xrandr” and configure the external display.

Can you use something like “xrandr” to explore this further?

Thank you for the hint, i installed the ati driver from their website, and now the monitors work both in the full resolution, HOWEVER now my mouse cursor is missing, its weird i can move the mouse and i can see menue’s moving and i can click etc but no pointer.

Any ideas what that could be now ?

Ideas ? … hmm … In truth I have NEVER had this happen to me. Having stated that, there are some posts in the rather crude openSUSE graphic practical theory guide I created in this thread: openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users - openSUSE Forums
… take a look at post#38, and especially #45 in that thread.

I did read one post, of a user who advised this happened to them when they inappropriately did part of the build process for the proprietary driver in run level 5 , when in fact is likely is better off all done in run level 3. BUT I can not say if that is correct, … at most I would categorize it as hearsay.

Happend to me as well on 2 PC’s(mouse pointer disapperd), it was in connection when uppgrading KDE packet/install new ATI driver. Solution was to reinstall ATI prop driver (10.3).

It did happen to me when I installed the ATI driver while I also had a driver from the repository. This means that I ended up with a system having two ATI drivers and I suppose that caused the conflict. My setup is similar to yours: a Radeon 4750 with dual Dual-Link DVI running 2 outputs at 2560x1600.

My problem went away after I uninstalled both drivers, yes both. The system did not boot into graphics (X) at that point but I used the command line to install only the ATI driver and the problem went away.

Hope this helps!

  • Itai