DST no longer exists

Every time I correct the clock the time goes back to Daylight Saving Time that no longer exists here in Brazil
What should I do to keep the system from changing the time?

Likely you need to update your time zone database.

You have chosen OTHER VERSION, but failed to tell us which openSUSE version you use.

But when you use an older, unsupported version of openSUSE, there are no more updates provided. Then it is logical then when the Brazilian politicians change the DST policy, the corresponding “Recommended Update” for your timezone database is not provided for your openSUSE version.

My openSUSE is Leap 42.3But is there nothing I can do?

Maybe try to copy the timezone database from an up-to-date system. But noguarantee from my side :wink:
Look into


There is a directory Brazil there. It has four (4) different zones.
I assume that you must at least overwrite the zone you live in.

And of course the other thing you can do is to upgrade to 15.1.
Maybe the fact that not using an unsupported version can hit you in unexpected places helps you in deciding for it.

If all you care about is current time, you can simply set your timezone to Etc/GMT+2 (or whatever offset from GMT you are in, I understand Brazil has 4 timezones). This means timestamps in the past may be displayed “incorrectly” for the periods DST was in effect, but I guess most home users do not really care.

Thank you very much. This was a good answer and solved the problem.