DSL won't dial up upon boot

Hi all,
I am trying to setup a computer to connect itself to the DSL at boot time. Somehow, this doesn’t happen, even though the settings are correct. If I go through the Yast DSl wizard without making any changes, the step “activating network connections” (the last one) brings the connection up. The box “automatically reconnect” is checked.
I tried to look in the Yast log, but it’s impossible to tell useful information from garbage.
Any idea what daemon is started by Yast? I have pppd running and smpppd not running, as far as I can tell.


Just an idea from the top of my head: can you tweak one of the boot scripts in /etc/init.d/ to bring up your DSL on boot? I don’t know what yast does, but it appears that something needs to be started and you will find in the log what it is.