DSL to CABLE MODEM upgrade, internet not working, KDE

The internet I use switched from DSL to CABLE internet. MSWIN works fine. The opensuse DVD upgrade install internet works fine. When I boot to the SATA 1: opensuse linux, internet is offline. I have a motherboard gigabit controller and ethernet. Both ethernets don’t work. Need help.

I did a upgrade install to try to fix it, no effect.

Well, you could check your Windows network configuration, then configure openSUSE with the same settings. Are you using wicked or Network Manager? Do you plug straight in to the cable modem, or is there a router in between? I assume DHCP environment? More details might help here.

I believe i’v seen this problem before. It’s using the gigabit ethernet controler. I connect direct to the cable modem.

mswin info:

PCI BUS 6: Device 0: function 0

Killer e2200 Gigabit ethernet controller rivet networks.

advanced tab: profiles.

I’ll need to reboot to get the linux info. On the dvd upgrade install in networks, I select “dynamic ip adress”. DHCP, that’s dynamic ip?

I changed the yast->networking from “Wicked” to “Network Manager”. I have internet online again. It looks like “wicked” network manager has a bug. “Wired Connection 1” connected. WC2 is unplugged and disabled.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Good that Network Manager is working for you you. Without seeing your working wicked config (eg /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-eth0) or examining the journal boot log (related to wicked or DHCP) it’s hard to comment about what failed there.

The problem was fixed in the last update. Thanks to all.