DSL connection not working over wireless network


I install openSUSE in my Toshiba laptop. My wireless connection work in laptop but I want to install DSL connection over wireless network.

When i create DSL connection then in network device only eth0 is appear but my wireless device wlan0 is not appear.

So, if i want to use internet then I have to use wire connection mean that eth0.

So, please help me to install DSL connection over wireless connection.


You are using the network manager to do this are you? (The network device in the sys tray panel!?)

It should be as simple as clicking it and create a new connection either wlan or eth

Are you kde or gnome?

I am using Gnome. I am using netgear wireless router.

I connect broadband modem with router by cat6 cable in port and I want to connect internet on my toshiba laptop.

My wireless connection work fine. I able to connect internet by using cable connection but on wireless connection, i can’t.

I try all the step for creating DSL connection by using network devices.

I create one DSL connection but I can not able to connect it. Because this created connection is disable default.

Plz. help me because without internet i am not able to update and install any thing.

You shouldn’t actually need to do anything - it should just work.
Check all your router settings
Are you using MAC control