dsl config

I’m currently trying to get my dsl 16k+ (german t-home) connection to work. I use a speedport 200 dsl modem and it has a stable sync, but yast tells me there is no connection available (after chosing t-online and entering the account info). The provider supplied modem/router thing (speedport w920v) does the job, but I’d rather get rid of it as fast as possible, as it’s about to fail and two of them already had to be replaced.
The modem works, I checked in the store and used it as an external modem for the router.
It has been some time since a set up a dsl connection with yast as I lived in a “dsl-free” zone for two years. So maybe I messed up.

Sorry for not replying for a week, but I had to get the router replaced, again.
This morning I had scheduled a technician and he said there may be interferences from other wires in the vicinity which lead to router breakdown. Seems like the “standard excuse for screwing up” but it could be, there are several mobile phone towers and radio senders around.
And according to him t-home implemented some kind of encryption into their connections to stop people from recording the ip-tv stations. There seems to be no way to establish a connection without their routers.
Well, if I get this confirmed, I’ll cancel my contract. I have no use for a internet connection that doesn’t work.

i live in germany too and didn’t know that t-online was doing that kind of thing! that is annoying and really unfair. but to think that t-online sucks even worse than i thought…! unfortunately there are so many places in germany where only t-online can work (just setting up my office with one of those…in a major city non-the-less! tell me what happens when you find out please!