DSL Blockade

I get my Internet connection through a cable TV company called Digikabel. In Windows, I got an ikon that associated with a User name and a Password provided by the Internet provider. This ikon is the sole mean of Internet access control. In Pmagic, a live primarily partitioning Linux System CD, for network configuration there is a linear list. Clicking on the PPPoE option, then typing in the User name and Password, it takes less than a minute to be on-line. In Fedora there is a Network ikon that is linked to Network Configuration, and using the same parameters as before has similarly established the desired Network connection. OpenSUSE that I am supposedly far more familiar with than the previously mentioned two systems, has no Internet access ikon, rather it has a maze of interconnected configuration boxes that shows all but the desired one. After long wandering, I have arrived to the supposedly correct place, but the User name and Password this time did not trigger any connection. Now and then I noticed some small message boxes with some hard to read messages in extremely small letters which just increased the degree of uncertainty, but the configuration boxes just stood in complete passivity.

I find the complexity of the system overwhelming. How many and what parameters are needed to establish a connection using PPPoE, and eventually what supposes to control the connection if there is no access-control ikon? Has this part of the system ever thoroughly tested?!
Thanks for your help LLR