dsiplay changes brightness while scrolling


when scrolling in the browser or file manager the screen suddendly reduces brightness to about 50%. It seems to depend on the amount of data being displayed and on the contents. It seems to set the intensity of the whole screen depending on the average of brightnesses of all windows and the root window.

I am using nVidia GeForce 7300GT.

Anyone knows how I can disable this feature? It there any module or config that influences this?

Many thanks

if you are seeing that in Firefox 3.5: what happens if you use Firefox

what happens if you use Konqueror? Opera? Chrome?

what happens if you disable all Firefox add-ons?

does it only happen on high java-script pages?

if you install/enable NoScript and disable all java-script on an
otherwise troublesome page: does the dimming continue?

if you are running the default nv driver: what happens if you install
the nVidia driver?

if running the nVidia driver: what happens if you revert to the
default driver?

if you are running with desktop effect on: what happens if you turn
that off?

if running KDE4: what happens if you use Gnome?


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I have found the problem. I was using a 24in display which for CAD applications dimms automatically in some cases. There is a switch in the setup which can prevent this for those users who do not require this feature. Problem solved. Many thanks.