Drupal installer requires permissions...

I’m usually a desktop user, but right now I’m trying to get a web server up and running on my system before moving it onto a hosting site.

I got apache working alright and unzipped Drupal into /srv/www/htdocs/tbms. Included in that location is an “install.php” page that is supposed to go through the rest of the process.

Unfortunately when I navigate to http://localhost/tbms/index.php it forwards to http://localhost/tbms/install.php?profile=default and I get the message

The Drupal installer requires write permissions to ./sites/default/settings.php during the installation process.

What permissions do I need to set it for? Currently it has the owner and group 1080:1080 and changing it to root:root doesn’t work.

I am not sure what to make the permissions to make it work. I assume that this is one of those pages that will not get uploaded to the hosting server for public viewing.

Thank you.

wwwrun should be the owner of any files that need to be written by the config.

After you have done the config, make sure the files are owned by some other account, usually root:root will do. Except for any directories and files that drupal says it needs to write to, like upload areas, those should be owned by wwwrun and writable by that account.

Actually I cheated, I chmod 777 the file (only).

Fine. Just remember to undo it afterwards. (666 would have been sufficient, actually.)