dropbox zeitgeist %20

With dropbox am seeing similar to this error messages:

gnome-session[2627]: ** (zeitgeist-datahub:2973): WARNING **: recent-manager-provider.vala:132: Desktop file for "file:///home/paulparker/Dropbox/Camera%20Uploads/2013-10-07%2012.07.59.jpg" was not found, exec: plugin-container, mime_type: image/jpeg 

When check the files are there.

linux-30s5:~ # dir /home/paulparker/Dropbox/"Camera Uploads"/"2013-10-07 12.07.59.jpg"
-rw-r----- 1 paulparker users 2067239 Oct  7 12:07 /home/paulparker/Dropbox/Camera Uploads/2013-10-07 12.07.59.jpg
linux-30s5:~ # 

Does this relate to the %20 Dropbox inserts here “Camera%20Uploads” and in file names between <date>&20<time> ?

Did posted this report to Dropbox.

Anything else I need do ?


I do not know anything about dropbox.
Bit that %20 in an URL means an ASCII space.

As Henk noted,
The %20 ASCII code should be equivalent to a space.

I’ve found it isn’t necessarily recognized in all situations, eg describing a “normal” file path. The ASCII code is recognized primarily when describing URL/URI paths.

So, a simple test would be to remove the space in the directory name, remove the remote repository and re-sync.

I’d recommend this procedure…
I assume your camera sync software is not pointing directly to your dropbox folder, you likely are just copying the entire folder to your Dropbox folder.
If that is the case, then simply remove the entire “Camera Uploads” folder from your local folder and the Dropbox server.
Sync to verify integrity on both server and client.
Copy your “Camera Uploads” directory to your Dropbox folder again.
Rename your “Camera Uploads” directory to either replace the space with something (like and underscore) or just run the 2 words together.
Check your logs.

If you’re uploading directly from camera/phone, then I’d have to think about that a bit more… My guess is YMMV depending on whether you can rename the camera’s image folder but that’s not always the case.