Dropbox stuck synching 60 files

Hi everyone!

I recently got a clean install of OpenSuse Leap 15.2 working.

I installed Dropbox and started the synchronization process. Looks like it mostly worked.

The problem is that it was stuck now for more than a day trying to sync.

The following are the relevant outputs:

└──╼ $dropbox status
Syncing 61 files
Uploading 1 file...
Downloading 60 files...

It was stuck on this for a long time (more than 24 hours and I do not have super large files).

Also, in order fix the previous issue where Dropbox would stop synchronizing in the middle, I added the following /etc/sysctl.conf


Now, adding files to the local system allows them to be synchronized with the Dropbox server and vice-versa. However, the above 61 issue does not seem to go away.

Any ideas?

I’m not using dropbox, so I don’t have any experience. However, dropbox claims to not support “btrfs” so that could be a problem if you are using “btrfs”. It might be the same with “xfs”. You can find workarounds. I think those work with a container based “ext4” file system just for dropbox.

Thanks! What is a good way of doing the container ext4?

Also, apparently, Dropbox brought back support for btrfs https://hub.packtpub.com/dropbox-walks-back-its-own-decision-brings-back-support-for-zfs-xfs-btrfs-and-ecryptfs-on-linux/.

I just did a google search for

ext4 container dropbox

and that came up with a bunch of solutions. But they are all a year or two old, probably because dropbox reverted to supporting those other file systems.

Any other advise on how to solve the problem? Still did not fix it.

I don’t know how to fix this. Just some generic advice that Dropbox should have some logs on what it’s actually doing. Don’t know where those logs are but I would look there for more information on what is actually happening.

I did find some logs, but they are all in binary. Anyway to parse them?