Dropbox-icon in Status-bar is not active

When i used OpenSUSE 13.1 and installed Dropbox, i got i Dropbox-icon in the Status-bar. When i clicked on it, the Dropbox-folder was opened.
Now i’ve upgraded til OpenSUSE 13.2 and installed Dropbox. But now the Dropbox-icon is not active. Its there, but it looks like uts med deactivated.
I cannot click on it and i don’t get any status-msg if i holde the mouse-pointer over it.

Is this normal?

Mine will open after a right-click to bring up a menu, but left-click is dead.

The Status-icon is a little strange. Its there, but it seems like its deactivated. If right/left click on it, its not the Dropbox that respond, but the statusbar itself.
It look like its located behind the statusbar and i can see it like if the statusbar is transparent.