Drop menus no longer working

Maybe it’s just my computer, but I can’t get the drop down menus working, eg the Community and Quick Links menus.

I’ve tried with Firefox and also Konqueror, neither work. Konqueror gives me this error:

Error: http://forums.opensuse.org/: Parse error at http://forums.opensuse.org/ line 2 006


They work when I switch the theme to openSUSE basic, if that helps.

I was just intending to report that it functions here, but I am on openSUSE Basic.

EDIT: What happened to your face!!!

I have the same when I change to openSUSE deafault. Also I have hangs on loading pages. Seems that someone is tinkering with the software.

lol, that’s my “just woken up with a hangover” head rotfl!

Firefox 3.6.3, and both themes, “Default” and “Oxygen”, work. I have no “openSUSE basic” though. :expressionless:

On the other hand, I would almost expect that something like that would happen if you were served a wrong version of the webpage. For instance, if there is something ‘wrong’ with your user-agent settings and your browser is misidentified. In any case, you might want to have a look at about:config filtered for “useragent”

In Konqueror the menus do not work at all for me.

The openSUSE basic and default we are talking about are at the bottom-left of the Forums pages. Thay have nothing to do with specific themes inside specific browsers. They are served as such from the openSUSE Forums server.

Also this worked a very short time ago (yesterday?) and no change in the browser used here (and I bet at growbag) is done. It is simply a problem on the Forums server. Like the not functioning Search reported since a few days.

And as a general remark: web-pages should be served without asking what the browser identification is. There are standards like HTTP, HTML, XML, CSS, etc. and both sides should adhere to it.

slaps forehead Those themes. It doesn’t work for me either with Default.

They should. :stuck_out_tongue: But often enough they don’t. If you set your browser identification to something invalid or to Internet Explorer or something you might see that those drop-down menus don’t work anymore.