Right, so i did the one-click install for nVidia graphics drivers for
suse 11.1, which is what i am running. What my question is, is how do i
know if the drivers are working? I mean i noticed that when i logged in,
on the kicker the audio and updates are in like 16 colors as well as the
log out and lock applets.

Then i went into YaST and graphics card and monitor and SaX2 loaded up
and then it went back to full colors. So, are they working or what? Do i
need to do something after the one-click install?


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Try running the program nvidia-settings also another check is to run
the program glxgears.

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Also try glxgears. its a program that tells you (if runned from
konsole) the fps your card returns.
Or use this command : glxinfo |grep direct and if it returns direct
rendering: Yes then everything is fine…


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If you didn’t have any previous version of the NVIDIA drivers installed
you can also tell by the fact the checkbox in YaST labeled ‘Hardware
Acceleration’ is no longer grayed out.

Nice nick btw, should we expect a Chidori around soon? :wink:

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sorry for the bump, thanks for the info everyone. It seems my drivers
are working just fine. And to Axeia, who knows haha. Nice avatar by the


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