Drivers Question - newbie

I’ve tried to install Ubuntu recently on two machines, one with ATI All-in-Wonder, another with integrated Nvidia graphics, both didn’t work correctly with CRT monitor (Hitachi CM 751).
Additionally, USB Wi-Fi adapter D-Link DWL-G122 didn’t work correctly (was losing connection all the time). Unfortunately, Ubuntu community wasn’t very helpful, so I couln’t solve these problems and gave up.
Now I’m thinking to download OpenSUSE. Should it work with Nvidia integrated graphics/audio correctly(MB ASUS M2NBP-VM CSM)? Wi-FI?

usb wireless is difficult to get working - I experienced problems with a similar D-Link device my Son had in Vista. Threw it away in the end.
I would always advise pci or on-board first.

have a look in the hardware section to see if any usb devices are well supported
Hardware - openSUSE

On-board graphics should work fine, but you will not get 3D - I think

ATI - generally suck, compared to Nvidia
again, I suggest you look through the above link.

See my sig: All my on-board works fine. Though I don’t use it. Have a seperate Sound and NIC in PCI slots.

Further to caf4926’s comment, for distribution independent wireless information:
Linux wireless LAN support