Drivers gone mad....

I dont even know what did I do wrong. I think the last thing I installed was a VLC Update.
Ohh…anda little bit fonts, and I tried to restart the font service, but it didnt load back on again. Seemed wierd. Then I decided to watch a movie. No sound. Weird. Well, it happens sometimes to me and I found a solution → su root, alsaconf . And the audio works again. Now this time it doesnt. Alsa thinks there isnt a sound card. Seems really weird and I decide, that there may be some bug or something, so I restart the PC. It ends up with Video card drivers not working too…
Audio - DOWN
Video - DOWN

At least there is a Failsafe, thru which I am writing now…

“rpm -qa --last” will tell you what you installed last. To illustrate that information (post it on the web for other’s to see) you could type (probably easiest to copy and paste it into a gnome-terminal or konsole):rpm -qa --last > rpms.txt && curl -F file=@rpms.txt will give you a URL. You can look at the URL to see what rpms you installed, and possibly post the URL here if you wish to share than info in case someone can deduce what caused you a problem.

Reference your video, you need to pay attention the the errors you are getting when you try to nominally boot.

Reference you audio not functioning, you could try working your way through the openSUSE audio troubleshooting guide: SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE

What repos do you have installed ? "zypper lr " will tell you your repos. Similarly to share that info, you could copy and paste into a gnome-terminal or konsole:
zypper lr > zypper-output.txt && curl -F file=@zypper-output.txt will post your zypper repos list to and give you a URL which you can post here, to illustrate the repositories you have setup in yast/zypper.

Here you go.
rpms.txt - (beta)
zypper-output.txt - (beta)

Your repos look way too experimental.

If it were me, given how quick 11.0 installs, I would re-install.

For Repos, I only install OSS, Non-OSS, Update, and Packman. I can understand why one might wish to install Mozilla and wine. I have had bad experiences with videolan, and some of its apps/codecs are known not to be compatible with Packman packaged multimedia apps. You also have repos that I would NEVER install. You have also installed GNOME:/STABLE, Gnome:Community, NVIDIA Repository, OpenOffice, and X11 : XGL.

X11 : XGL in particular is likely to cause you X11 problems (ie graphics problems). The two Gnome repositories could cause problems where you install Gnome apps that have NOT been adequately tested. The Nividia repository could have you install a graphic driver that has NOT been adequately tested.

Again, I always recommend new users ONLY setup OSS, Non-OSS, Update and Packman.

I think your repositories are a poor selection, and I believe that to be your problem. I note you installed updates to compiz-fusion-plugins-extra, compiz-fusion-plugins-main, compiz-gnome, compiz (on 18-Oct), plus various codecs and video apps from Videlan on 17-Oct.

IMHO that could be your problem. I do not recommend those repos as their apps are too experimentation (eg GNOME repos you selected and the XGL : X11 repos you selected) and videlan has never worked well for me (ie all your multimedia apps).

Any other suggestions for XviD ?
Will try removing some installs…

Edit. Removed compiz an other stuff which I installed last. Nothing happened. Took a look @ The X11 Startup error message - it said that there is a problem with fonts ( font dir not found or smthn ) so it failed loading x11 and nvidia drivers failed cause of it too ( or smthn like that… )
Ideas ?

Ideas? Just the same as I recommended before …

11.0 installs in 30 to 45 minutes. Add another hour to custom tune and download some custom 3rd party multimedia, and you are setup.

I’ll wager you will spend more than 90 to 105 minutes trying to sort what you inappropriately installed by having repos that are far too experimental and likely intended only for very experienced users who like to live on the edge.

If I will, I will re-install to Ubuntu. Liked Ubuntu better :
I just didnt want to re-install all the time, but I guess suse is forcing me to reinstall now :slight_smile:

I think the font problem is here, just don’t know how to fix it:

/etc/init.d/xfs reload
Starting X Font Servercan not create directory ‘/tmp/.font-unix’

You could try surfing on the error message you get, to see if you get a hint as to what app is causing the problem.

Well enjoy your Ubuntu . I have friends who use Ubuntu and like it. (as opposed to me - I never liked it).

If you decide to return to openSUSE, I recommend you stay away from the repos you added (that I suggested were best to stay away from) and stick only with OSS, Non-OSS, Update and Packman.

here comes a…bump ? :open_mouth:

TheNTW wrote:
> here comes a…bump ? :open_mouth:


What was the result of your search on the errors you receive (as suggested by
oldcpu)? Or starting over using only four repos he suggested?

Solution (translated) is…


This seems to be a bug. Correct?

Bizarre. This xfs fails to start ‘issue’ in openSUSE 11.0 is a known bug, has been fixed since July, but the fix won’t be pushed out as an update… :frowning: