Drivers for 680i LT?

I have OpenSuse 11.0 set up and running well with my 8800 GT now (Thx so much on that one, openSUSE Forums!) and now I’d like to know if there are any “substitute drivers” for the 680i LT Nvidia mobo. I know NVIDIA doesn’t make any, and I googled around and searched the forum but didn’t find anything that I really understood… Can anyone give me a place to start to get my onboard sound working and maybe an ethernet driver so the internet isn’t so slow (if this is even *possible *with this mobo…)

I am running 64-bit system btw, e8400 CPU (not OC, just 3.0gHz dual) if it makes any difference…

Thanks in advance for the suggestions and please remember I’m pretty new to *nix so please be gentle :smiley:

If I had broken sound and a slow ethernet connection, and was running
64-bit flavor of Linux, the very first thing I’d try (to possibly remedy those issues)
would be to install the 32-bit version and try again.

[In my opinion, 64-bit Linux is for intermediate/advanced users only. I’m
betting you chose it just because ‘it was there’.]

My 2-cents…

Dave [who has 64-bit AMD motherboard and runs 32-bit OS]

I’d rather use the 64-bit version, not sure what it has to do with my audio drivers…

Well, I got the audio figured out (that’s really the only thing that wasn’t working…) by going to Realtek, downloading the driver here (Realtek) and running the install in the terminal, I’ve got my sound up and running! Awesome!