Driver update lost second display

Thanks for all the information.

One minor point: I don’t have change vendor enabled. Both versions showed up in the same repository, which seems to be what YaST considers when evaluating vendor change.

After my next system backup I’ll give the new version a try.

No. There are only the -32.1 packages in the repository now.
The -36.1 packages will be shown as well by YaST of course as you already have installed them.

But again, nothing will automatically want to install them. And especially as it is a “downgrade”, probably not even if you enabled “vendor change”.

PS: The vendor doesn’t necessarily reflect the repo where the packages are in. The “vendor” is who built the packages.
In case of the nvidia packages, somebody at openSUSE builds them and then submits them to nvidia who put them in the repo.
So the “vendor” is totally unrelated to the repo in this case.
And no, YaST (or libzypp actually) does not consider which repo the packages are in when evaluating vendor change.
“vendor” is a defined string in the package, that is all that counts in this regard.

OK. Then I am totally confused how I originally managed to install the -36 package, since I definitely never turn on vendor change since it is often a source of much trouble.

In any case, we understand why the version number went down, and we will just leave it at that.