Driver of RTL8111/8168 Network card(onboard) - SUSE11.0

I was always compiling and installing the driver (which download from realtek website) manually when install a new kernel.

The module file of r8169.ko from the SUSE 11.0 official kernel does not work with my onboard network card. So I downloaded the driver from Realtek

When will you include the driver into your official kernel package?
I really hate to compile the ko again and again when I install a new update package of the kernel. I think more and more people will use the new P45/P43 motherboard like me, and they could meet the same trouble with me.

All I do is make sure I buy stuff that will work. Though in my desktop box I always add in a pci eth card (D-Link) never fails.
Not much help to you, but if you have desktop, hey pci eth cards are give away.

This card is a very new card as the onboard PCI-E gigabyte card in the new Intel P43/P45 mothermoard, like my GA-EP43-DS3L
I think it is later than SUSE 11.0 GM, so there is no driver in 11.0 GM
I hope SUSE will include the driver in the official kernel in the new kernel patch.
If not, maybe I should report a bug?