Driver issue with intel GM945 graphic.

It has been a long time since I last visit this site, I tried SuSE11 some days earlier, it looks pretty good. But, there got some issues on my machine HW. That’s the display, it works good with VESA driver with my intel integrated graphic card based on GM945 chipset, but I just can adjuct the screen solution to 800x600, when I install the intel driver, the x server can not be started. I’m keeping tring other drivers.

I tried on my another desktop machine, it works well. it’s a great advancement from distribution 10.2.

Open Yast - Hardware - Graphics/Monitor
What is displayed in there
Mine shows as:
Intel 965GM, Lenovo LCD, 1280x800, 3D Acceleration enabled.

You should have no problem, even though we has slightly different chips.

There are 2 separate xorg drivers for your video card. One is i810 and the other is intel. On my system the i810 driver caused hard locks while the intel driver works with no issues. To set the driver, I needed to use the magic incantation

sax2 -r -m 0=intel
Instead of intel you might choose i810. That should automagically reconfigure xorg.conf properly.

Once you have that set and also want Compiz enabled… have a look here if the screen refresh lags a bit : OpenSuSE 11 and Xorg update - openSUSE Forums


Sorry, I got an error when I write this post. My chipset is intel GM45+ ICH9M, not GM945, this issue keeps the same.

Hello solonight,

For that chipset the same applies.
What have you tried exactly? Have you rerun the sax2 config as davidgurvich mentioned?

Best to do this when X is not running. Reboot the system, enter
init 3
as boot option and when you get the console, log in as root.

There you can run the 'sax2 -r -m 0=intel ’ command. When configured reboot again and hopefully you will have the correct screen configuration.

yes, also tried, I think there must be some resource conflict. I have encountered a issue with windows similar to this. Maybe we had to check this with BIOS engineer.Thank you magic31,david, and thank you all for your help.