driver graphic intel HD 4000 opensuse 12.1

I wan install a driver graphic intel HD 4000 opensuse 12.1.
I seaching web for itell and linux: not found.
Could you help me?

Intel drivers a pretty much built into the kernel these days.

Are you having problems if so what?

I do not find this driver for openSUSE 12.1.
Kernel firmware upgrade from 3.10 to 3.11.
You can give me this file?

Where can I find drivers for intel 4000 HD openSUSE 12.1 ?

openSUSE-12.1 comes with the 3.1 kernel. Together with the kernel and the rpm xf86-video-intel comes the driver for the intel graphics. Its quite possible the 3.1 version of the kernel (which like your openSUSE-12.1) is old. Simply updating xf86-video-intel will not in my view be sufficient.

Please note openSUSE-12.1 is no longer supported by SuSE-GmbH. Further, I note that openSUSE-12.1 does not have openSUSE community Evergreen support, where the list of openSUSE versions with Evergreen support is on this page: openSUSE:Evergreen - openSUSE

So you are asking us for support on an openSUSE version that is no longer officially supported by either SuSE-GmbH (official packagers) nor supported by the volunteer ‘Evergreen’ community. There are likely very few forum members who still run openSUSE-12.1, so it will be very difficult to find support on this.

Your best bet is to either (1) update to a more recent openSUSE version (such as 12.3 with its 3.7.10 kernel) or custom compile a newer kernel version on your 12.1. However given openSUSE-12.1 is not supported, you may not be able to find a xf86-video-intel rpm for 12.1, and may need to go to the intel site, find an appropriate tarball, download it, compile it, test it, tune it etc … Trust me when I say the odds are typically much greater that you can update to 12.3 a LOT faster than you can customize 12.1 for the HD 4000. A lot faster.

My recommendation ? Update to openSUSE-12.3.

My Toshiba Z930 Ultrabook has Intel HD 4000 graphics and it works well with openSUSE-12.3

There is no such rpm file. openSUSE-12.1 is no longer supported.

You will need to custom compile and custom tune. This could be difficult to do.

You can look at the Intel site here: Graphics Drivers for Linux and here: Intel Linux driver downloads and trust me when I say this won’t be easy … it could be difficult … it could break your system.

Please, why do you not update to openSUSE-12.3 ?