Sorry if this is answered before. But I have troubles with my graphics. If I scroll down in a browser window I only get lines. The mouse pointer changes shape slowly.

I just installed SuSe 11.0 on my new PC over the Internet. And I noticed that my system is not as I remember it on my old PC, using I think SuSe 10.3. The cursor is refreshed slowly, the blue top of my FireFox window (containing the title of this page) is not blue, but has some greenish patches on it. I also believe the system is slower.

Could this be caused by my monitor? I use a 19" Octigen monitor, which is unknown in Yast. Looking at my Card and Monitor Properties I see I have a ATI Radeon X1200 as graphical card, and a NUL 19" as monitor. Looking in the list of the available monitors I see no Octigen. A quick search on the Internet told me it was a “OCTIGEN LCD MONITOR 19” WIDE 238818LMOTG BLK/SIL RETAIL".

The big question is, how do I solve my problem. Do I find a driver for my monitor, and then, how? Or is this a matter of another configuration?


In Yast graphics card and monitor, under monitor
select LCD and the correct screen
I’m 19"
and it’s 1440x900
there are a couple of refresh rates avail there I think 60/70

there is no specific driver
it’s generic
works great for me