Driver for Clear Wimax USB Modem ?

I just got Clear mobile Wimax.

It uses a Motorola USB stick modem that comes with a Windows driver.

I didn’t see a Linux driver and was wondering if I could expect to see one for openSuse moblin for netbooks?

I some how doubt openSUSE moblin will have. From a quick google I found this ClearWire WiMAX Drivers For MAC, Coming In August., Linux A Little Later! | VOIP IP Telephony, now there is mention of them possibly releasing the source code. I found this which seems quite detailed [PLUG] Mobile broadband experiences?]( and a little detailed but how relevant it is I can’t say.

But there is definitely intel wimax drivers out there, so from my crude understanding it may be down to the dongle.

if you type


in a terminal, it might help identify the ID of the device

and if you copy and paste the results back here

my device is wimax usb stick BM338 from Huawei (Beceem chipset)
Bus 002 Device 006: ID 198f:bccd Beceem Communications Inc.

1-can i use ndiswrapper and win driver for it?
2-I`m not sure but thiese sites may help:
The OpenNET Project: Настройка 4G WiMAX-модема на чипах Beceem в Linux

[PATCH] staging: Beceem USB Wimax driver | KernelTrap](

Linux HOWTO (Card Setup)

Draisberghof - Software - USB_ModeSwitch

I forgot to say you can mount this kind of wimax usb manually with command below:
mount -o loop /dev/sr1 /media/Huawei