Driver for an old scanner ?

Hi. I have a Genius ColorPage-Vivid Pro II Film scanner. It is very old parallel port scanner (> 10 yrs) but still going strong under XP. I looked around for Linux drivers but can’t seems to find any. Can anyone point me to the right direction ?

geniusvp2 SANE backend project is a place to start:)

That’s one of many from: Genius ColorPage-Vivid Pro driver - Google Search

Thanks a lot. Will try it out. Cheers

Doing a search at SANE SANE Supported Scanners - Search Engine I found your scanner listed as supported by the current SANE distribution.

Thanks. I found my scanner. Will try tonight.


I must be blind. The DVD comes with correct drivers for my scanner. I am very impressed as my scanner is more than 10 years old ! All is sweet.