driver for an epson artisan 810 all-in-1 printer

does anyone know whether there’s a workable linux driver for this model? i tried the site in japan, but the driver there is of another architecture than i have got on my machines …thanks

Take a look in Yast - Hardware - Printer. See if it’s supported. If you haven’t bought it yet, don’t. Buy an all-in-one from a manufacturer that does support linux.

it’s not in yast … and it’s already purchased (my wife clings to windows and the printer came with win and mac drivers) … theo

Look at this:
Printer: Epson Stylus Photo 810 | OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation
Looks like gutenprint supports it.

That’s what I found too. No more.

What does “is of another architecture <etc>” mean?
I have an Epson PX700W (effectively the same device in its “0” incarnation minus the doc feeder) and have both printing and scanning (local over USB and networked) working under OpenSuSe 11.2 using the drivers from the site and it “plays nice” with CUPS too, just follow the installation instructions. They have “Artisan 810” drivers up there. Incidently the “Artisan 810” name seems to be a pseudonym for what the rest of the word calls a “PX810W” if that helps any.

tcuthill is right

here is a link to the Epson website;

with drivers for this epson 810


there is an rpm package;

it is a continuing problem that folks can’t find the drivers on websites where companies make them available; I have no easy solutions except others do the hunting for them!

solved it … the driver is included in gutenprint v5.2.5 … installed it and i found the driver for the artisan right away … thanks for all your help … theo