Driver EDC-3000D CMOS Camera.


I’ve been trying to make this camera run in my openSUSE boxes unsuccessfully.:sarcastic:

Sadly the vendor/maker is out of the business from 2 years ago. :’(

This camera is a fine piece for working with telescopes and microscopes.

Is there any generic driver for CMOS cameras?

Clear skies!:slight_smile:

When I run lsusb, this is the line that appears when I connect the camera:

Bus 001 Device 007: ID 0634:1004 Micron Technology, Inc.


I don’t see any drivers for your specific camera for Linux. I did find CMOS camera driver linux - Google Search Now whether that will work for you or not, I don’t know.

Oh well… It seems I’ll be walking in the dark for a while. I check the links provided and found nothing of use.

Thanks for your kind help! :slight_smile:

If I found something, I will post it here. :slight_smile:

Clear skies!