driver conflict in dual boot systems

I have a dual-boot PC with windows 7 and open SUSE Leap 15.1 on separate hard disks. I am going to update the windows drivers, will this interfere with the working of the Linux OS when booted? If yes where to get PC specific linux drivers?
I have a Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo P400 PC

Updating Windows drivers should only affect Windows. Linux uses its own drivers.

If somehow windows driver updates interfere with my linux booting, could this be cured by resetting windows to an earlier state?

Doubt that would happen and resetting Windows may not be easy :stuck_out_tongue:

About the only way a Windows change might interfere with booting is if yo used MBR boot putting Grub code into the MBR and Windows decided to put it’s own boot code there. Reinstalling grub would fix this… But is unlikely simply installing drivers in Windows would do this.

As said, Linux is not interested in any drivers that another operating system may have on the same system (multi-boot).
Remember that you do not need a Windows system at all on your hardware. The Linux system will run perfectly without a multi-boot with Windows.

Thank you, I have a dual-boot with win7 and open SUSE Leap as I wish to retain my windows facilities in additition to running Linux as an alternative.
I have SUSE installed on an independent, extra hard disk. So you tell me not to worry and update my windows drivers that will not influence running Suse. Great, as setting up Open SUSE Leap on my PC was not a simple enterprise, and I would not like to repeat that painstaking work.
Eventually I plan to use a complicated theoretical software (Gaussion 16) under Suse.

As said, it is not the updating some parts of your Windows that should worry you, it is a new Windows installation (or greater update) that can reults in you being unable to boot into openSUSE. But then you ask here for help to repair that and no new installation of openSUSE should be needed.

BTW, you seem to be at a loss how to spell openSUSE. It is not Suse, SUSE, or Open SUSE, or other permuatations or mutilations you use.

Thanks again, I am relieved then. And sorry I did not want to hurt any sensitivity towards a copyrighted software name. But quick typing does all sorts of accidents.

It is not so much the copyright thing, it is simply to call something by it’s proper name (I assume that you also appreciate it when people address you by your name and not a misfit of it). Also SUSE is something that also exists (in the forms of SLES and SLED), thus confusion is easily possible.

And of course you should not type so fast that you get typos. This being dangerous in reporting about computer facts/problems/questions (can people trust your problem description when you are not even able to spell a term consistently all over your post) and even more dangerous when typing commands in the computer (oh, oh, that stupid computer, it does not understand what I maen, only what I type :()…

Dear Henk,

Of course you are right, fast typing is prone to error. I hope I have not caused any problems to SUSE by my typo. Long long time ago I translated three scientific books from Hungarian to English, imagine how many typos I may have committed. But the books got published and one of them is more than 1000 times cited in the literature .I am not aware that those citations referred to my typos but probably the editors of Adam Hilger Publishing house removed them.
I am 83, but as you see I am still interested in computing, but age takes its toll. When you will reach this age you will understand me. Hopefuily.

Only 9 years to go :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t take 83 years. I’m already there, though 6 years behind you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dear Hank

Does this mean you are approaching me in age? if this is so congratulations, may the Creator (or the Universe) grant you many more years!!!

I have another question to you albeit it would belong to another thread . I would like to use a DVD to set up a theoretical chemistry program( called Gaussian 16 in Linux). I see that my Open Suse Leap 15.1 lists my DVD drive but I cannot read its content. How to link the DVD drive to Open Suse?

I will try to open another thread for this problem.

regards LÁszló Nemes (perhaps I have again misspelled Open Suse, or OpenSUSE sorry for that)