DRBD and mounting


During the boot sequence, /etc/fstab gets processed fairly early on.

One of my mounts is a drbd device, and it gets set up during runlevel processing (init.d/drbd start). After fstab.

So it ends up that the drbd isn’t mounted even though it is present in fstab, and subsequently fails to be exported by nfs.

What is the right way to do this? I would have thought there would be a second go at mounting fstab devices at the end of the runlevel startup.



And then I have xendomains beginning right at the end of everything, and each of these mounts via NFS the hosts drbd device, which isn’t yet exposed.

So at boot up I end up with the xen Dom0 and three Domu’s all expecting a drbd device that isn’t there.

Which usually means I must fix the mount, then restart the DomUs. Which kinda defeats the purpose of auto start in xen.

I guess no one else uses drbd?

I’m facing the same problem. :wink:

I’m thinking to manualy add mount command in drbd init script…