Drawing issues?? nvidia 8400

I’m not sure if this is a hardware or software issue, but I figured I’d start here and see what you guys think.

I recently had an issue with my system not allowing me to run 1280x1024 even though my hardware supports it. Everything else however, worked at 1024x768. So I decided to install the nvidia drivers and initially had an issue getting them to work on openSuSE 12.2 running gnome. After a bunch of effort and troubleshooting help from the forum, I found a script in another post (SANDI) that fixed everything, and I’m now running beautifully at 1280x1024.

Now, I have a new issue (of course). While this one is more of an annoyance than anything, its still pretty annoying. When I connect to my system remotely (I’m using x11vnc server and real vnc viewer), I get flickering and rendering issues as I move the mouse over particular areas as seen here:


Also, upon boot there seems to be some kind of drawing issues which can be seen below:


Are these two issues related? Any ideas?

When you’re in that machine, try to open the nvidia-settings
Under OpenGLSettings, uncheck the Synk to VBlank, allow Flipping
and Use Comformant Texture Clamping and see if that helps

I don’t have a setting called Use Conformant Texture Clamping, but I disabled the Sync to VBlank and Allow Flipping in the OpenGL settings and that seems to have done it.


No problem, glad to extend some help.