Drawbacks of implementing WebGL in FF4

there have been many posts about trying to use FF4 with graphic acceleration and i ran into an article that discusses some of the ramifications in doing so:


and from the information presented, it appears that mozilla’s approach is to blacklist graphic drivers that are not sufficiently “malware-proof” since code from the webpage is presented directly to the graphics driver.

i was not aware of this side issue and figured many others were also uninformed, but my thoughts are that some careful consideration should be done before implementing this new functionality.

Perhaps someone more knowledgable could chime in with more concise information.

Not particularly knowledgeable but I have read WebGL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and Martin’s Blog which address some of the development issues. It looks as if WebGL will only be available to a limited number of users for the time being and therefore that there will be time to sort out the security issues.