drastically changed NetworkManager drops Wi-Fi, forgets p/w

One computer (Toshiba NB, i3 CPU, openSuse 13.2 with kernel 3.16.7-13 installed on top of WIN7, KDE 4.14.6, Wi-Fi driver wlp2s0, and Realtek controller) loses the Wi-Fi connection regularly. One log entry says NM received code 15 from an unknown source and shut down for an unknown reason at about 3 a.m. Going to Yast for WiFI config shows wicked and NM disabled as the only options–can’t go back to NM without manually restarting it from the CLI. Out of frustration, reinstalled 13.2 from disk (saving HOME partition), after which the problem diminished but did not end. Another Toshiba (i5, only 13.2 and KDE installed) seems to require two attempts for many network operations like loading a web page or fetching email. First attempt error message is domain unknown (as if not reaching DNS). Can ping with no delay. Also have to re-enter p/w each time. Troubleshooting the NM is frustrating because the screens are so different from the 13.1 version–can’t find the page to enter the p/w permanently so I have to re-enter frequently. Pointers appreciated. Small rent: I’m not a coder so I can’t contribute to NM. If I were to contribute, I’d probably want to make changes (what I see as improvements). But what I would be reluctant to do is to change drastically the organization of the GUI in a way that obsoletes what users have learned in earlier versions. I’m having difficulty with the current NM because i no longer can find easily the screens I want to configure–if they still exist.

Well, your post is quite unreadable.

But as I can see you were booting kernel 3.16.7-13, i.e. the latest kernel update that got revoked because of problems with 3rd party drivers. (there are other threads already about that)
Please boot to the older one (3rd entry in “Advanced Options” in the boot menu), and your problems should be solved hopefully.

Then uninstall kernel-desktop-3.16.7-13.2.
In YaST use the “Versions” tab, or specify the exact version for zypper
If you need further help, please ask.

A fixed update will be released soon.

Sorry about the readability; it is impaired when the web site removes all the CR/LF’s and the post reduces to one paragraph.

Had not heard about the recall of the kernel. Thanks for how to load an earlier version. Tried it on another machine and got to 3.16.7-7. Then went to yast, unchecked the version …7-13.2 to delete it. Reboot confirmed the 7-7 kernel. Now on to all the others.


Perhaps a browser problem, or flawed javascript. What browser are you using?

Browser is Firefox 37.0.1, from the repository. I’ve noticed several forums in different domains remove spaces between paragraphs. Very upsetting to the typophile in me.

I have never had a problem with firefox. I have seen weird copy/paste results with some other browsers.

I normally type my response directly into the edit box. And the spacing normally stays. Let’s see. I started a new paragraph with “I normally”. After posting, you can check if it is still a new paragraph.

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