Dragon player in KDE 4.0.84?

Just wondering…if it’s just me that dragon player stopped producing sound after having upgraded to KDE 4.0.84 from factory? It plays the movies fine otherwise, and they worked fine using the stock 4.0.4 so I don’t think it’s a codec issue.

Apart from that annoyance, 4.0.84 is a huge improvement (even if there are a couple of other annoyances as well but nothing really major).

i never use it for audio, but i just tried it with some flac & mp3 files & it worked fine for me.

No, I don’t normally use it for say mp3 or ogg-files either :slight_smile: I meant movies with included sound that somehow was only playing with the audio part turned off.

But never mind…it’s working again for some reason and I haven’t even done anything to fix it. Just tried again and it works…go figure. But hey, it’s working again and that’s the important part.