Drag and Drop stopped working in NON-KDE Apps


I have a rather strange problem which occurs since some time - unfortunately I can not tell, since when exactly -
in some of my applications.
As an author I work a lot with applications like Libreoffice, Lyx (for TEX-Edtiting) and Scribus (for layout purposes).
These apps all have in common, that they are not genuin KDE Apps.
Since some days/updates (for a few weeks or so) drag and drop with the mouse does not work anymore -
though it does with KDE apps like Kmail, kwrite, kate …
I don’t know how that came about and have no found any way to change this behavior. But I desperately need
drag and drop for writing purposes.
Anyone with an idea whats wrong??

Thanks a lot!


My config:
Tumbleweed 20190324
Plasma 5.15.3
Frameworks 5.56.0
Ot 5.12.2

Lyx 2.3.2
Scribus 1.4.7

If you’re on btrfs, rollback to the snapshot where it all still worked.
If not, install tumbleweed-cli, it allows you to move back to previous TW snapshots.

And, report a bug

I don’t know about Lyx and Scribus but there is a known bug affecting drag and drop between KDE applications and libreoffice.

See https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=123744

Basically it’s specific to the qt5/kde5 VCL plugin. It works when using the gtk3 VCL plugin instead, but then of course you loose the KDE integration.

Actually thinking about it… maybe that bug is purely coincidental and the root cause is within KDE… as that plugin is specific to LO.

I can confirm though that drag and drop is broken between kate and libreoffice writer.

Until behavior is fixed,
If the clipboard isn’t broken, you should be able to copy/paste, probably fastest way to do that is to use keystroke combos, the alternative would be to do your copy/paste using right-clicks.

With a little practice in fact,
Using keystroke combinations sometimes even for text or object selection can be about as fast as drag and drop (mouse movements might be more intuitive but requires lifting your hand from the keyboard and manipulating the mouse while when using keystoke combos your hands never leave your keyboard).