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I am a journalist and have to send photos by email. However, those I get are always too large. The other day, I found an application on Suse that allowed me to reduce the size of the photo. It had a percentage slide bar, which you moved one way or the other to save the photo as a different size. For the life of me, I cannot remember the application I used, or where on the menu this device is. Can anybody help? I have just got an 80MB photo and need it to be A LOT smaller to email!

image reduction is a big area, and there are very many packages that can do it, all suited to different ways of usage.

Probablyt he most famous is Imagemagick which is probably (but not necessarily) on your default Suse, using command line:

convert -resize 5% <orginalimagefilename> <newimagefilename>

will reduce you image to 5% of its original size, no questions asked (I guess your 80MB to about 4MB).

You could be talkign about Mirage … Try feh some day, or xv. A host of others are available. Probably too many choices!

No, it is much much easier than this! I only have GNU Image, F-Spot Viewer and Eye of Gnome. It has to be one of these. You simply open the file and have a slider, you then save the downsized photo and voila. I did it once, but have such a duff memory…

I did this some time ago with digikam batch processing options, in the GUI menu. Resized a bunch of 1MB-10MB pictures to 640x480 or something.

You will often see such a slider when you save the image as a .jpeg. It is where the JPEG compression level is set. A low value (often a percentage) means high compression and lower image quality, and vice versa.

Yes, that’s it! Thank you! Is there a way of downsizing a TIF? I don’t mind the format, but can a TIF, for example, be saved as a JPEG?

Certainly, you can do that.

However keep in mind that a JPEG is rather intended as an end-product, especially for on screen/online use. The compression that it uses is lossy and may significantly reduce image quality. TIFFs are rather geared towards high quality images that can further be worked on.

And there are already compression methods that are ‘inherent’ to the TIFF format. If you use the Gimp, for example, to save a file as a TIFF you are prompted to choose amongst them. There is LZW, Pack Bits, JPEG, etc … :X

In the end, what you use to make your files smaller, depends heavily on the purpose of the images. And it may not be the worst idea to get back to the recipients of the files to ask them what they want (and maybe to ask for advice how you can achieve that best). The tools are all there, though, to resize, change formats, use lossy/lossless compression.

Don’t confuse a slider that controls size on the screen with file size. Gwenview, the image viewer, has the display slider but resizing the file is done from the edit menu.

Thanks folks. I did go back, using your advice and have managed to find the way to downsize the image. I cheated, using MS Paint to change a TIF to a JPEG, which I then opened in GNU and saved. Upon saving, the slider is presented, which allows use to determine what size the image is saved as. The trick seems to be with JPEGs; with a TIF the slider did not appear…

TIF is a lossless format, there’s no quality-loss compression involved. So there’s not much sense in having a slider for it.

You can open TIFF (and dozens of other formats) in GIMP, and save to jpg (and dozens of other formats).

And can GIMP modify the compression of JPEG files?

Yes, but it seems you need to save the file anew. There will be a ton of further options after you clicked on the “Save” button.

assas1n wrote:
> And can GIMP modify the compression of JPEG files?

yes, if you open a TIFF in GIMP and ‘save as’ a jpg (or others) it
will pop up a slider, usually at pops up at 85%, which you can adjust
prior to clicking save…

well, actually i just tried to find a TIFF to make sure, the TIFF to
jpg works that way, i know most do…

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Thats great, its always a pain sending huge pictures through Gmail.

It is easy in KolourPaint, open image,> image menu> resize/scale
You have a menu to resize/scale the picture by pixels or %,.
It handles tiff pngs jpegs etc …

There’s also ‘birt’ a batch image resizing thing. Used to be available through the Packman repo. Still is