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Now I have managed to connect opensuse to internet. Thx for help. I downloaded xboard from here and saved the file. Now I have xboard in files and when I click it, it opens some files. The question is how I can open xboard, it should look like a chessboard. Do I need to use some command?


Why didn’t you post this in the Games forum?

Ok… Where is games forum?

Go to the Home page and click on “English” in the list lof anguages. You will arrive at a list of Sub-Forums, Games is in the list.

When starting a new thread, you should choose the sub-forum to match the type of problem you have.

On Fri, 14 Feb 2014 18:26:01 +0000, matrix wrote:

> Ok… Where is games forum?

Go to the main list of forums, select “English”.

Again, this specific forum isn’t for asking for help with openSUSE, it’s
for asking for help using the forums. :slight_smile:

Go to and enter the English forums, and you’ll
see a breakdown for different subjects relating to openSUSE.


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