downloading problem

I’ve started having problems with large file downloads.

A download will start and after a while freeze. The downloads window reports the correct connection speed and gives an estimated time to complete, but it stays frozen.

Small downloads, torrents and surfing are not affected. I can do everything else normally even when the download is frozen.

I’ve checked with my ISP and everything with my equipment checks out.

I really don’t even know where to start looking for an answer to my problem.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

You know it is hard to know where to start with this one but when a download freezes, does your desktop keep working? Could we say it is a browser problem or does the entire computer freeze? We need to know what desktop and opensuse versions you have loaded and when did this problem first startup? I have had bad hardware lock up the whole machine during file downloads, but really the computer might lock up anytime it was left running all night for instance. But if only the download locks, we might have a software issue of some sort.

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I’m running openSUSE 11.2 KDE

The only thing that freezes is the download. The rest of the computer is fully functional. Even when the download is frozen, I can still browse and use any desktop application. Torrents are unaffected.

I agree. I think it’s a software issue. I’m going to try a different browser to possibly rule out a Firefox issue. After that I’m not sure where to look next.

Firefox is up to 3.6.2, perhaps you need an update? Here is where I got my version:

Name: Mozilla
Protocol: http
Directory: /repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_11.2/

Update your version if you have not done so already. And while not related to your download issue, check for your java version and only load the sun-java version 1.6 and git rid of the icetea version or what ever it is called.

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add the downthemall addon for firefox. It will also probably greatly increase the speeds of some of your downloads.

linuxminded wrote:
> I’ve started having problems with large file downloads.
> A download will start and after a while freeze.

it would be nice if you told us a little more about your situation,
like what
-operating system?
-application used for download

are you downloading using wget, ftp, ssh, http, opera, konqueror,
firefox, lynx or what?

where do you see this “downloads window”?

does the download always cease at the same file size?

are you saving the file to a Linux partition, or to a Redmond
partition/file system? which? (lots of Win file systems have a limit
much less than the size of some “large files”…

how large are these “large files”?

do all “large files” from several different web sites also freeze?

is your hard drive full, or close to full?


Here are answers to your questions that haven’t been answered yet:

I’m using Firefox to attempt the downloads. I installed Opera and had the same trouble. The downloads window I refer to is the one that opens and shows download progress, speed, etc. in firefox. Opera uses a downloads tab.

My hard drive is 2/3 empty. Plenty of room.

I’ve tried to download iso files for gparted live, the latest openSUSE milestone, and BlackBerry desktop software. All three from different sources.

I’m currently using a wireless connection. I’ll try pluging in to see if that makes a difference. Good idea.

I’m saving to an ext4 partition.

The point at which the download freezes appears to be random.

I didn’t give a lot of info in my original post because I have no idea what would be relevant.

I bet this is not the case on a wired connection. Can you post a ‘dmesg | tail’ at the very moment a download freezes? What happens if you pause it, then resume it?

Knurpht wrote:
> I bet this is not the case on a wired connection.

yep, and is it your wifi or (maybe) a school, dorm, office, coffee
shop, community, next door neighbor, wardriven?

and if not yours, can you learn what kinds of limits are set, if any?


It appears that a wired connection is going to work. OpenSUSE 11.3 ISO is downloading at the rate of about one megabyte per second. I still have about 30 minutes to go.

I was connected before through my home router.

So it appears that you were using a wireless connection and that the download was freezing due to some network problem, perhaps with your wireless router. The problem is not present when you are using a hard wired network connection. Of course we often do not have a choice on what type of network connection to use, but in any case where wired is an option, that is what I would use.

At home (a single story structure with an attic that I own) I have run all CAT5 cables to the bedrooms and the living room and do not use wireless. I set this all up before wireless routers and such were so cheap, none the less wired connections just seem to work with out all of the added security and setup issues that a wireless network can present.

In any event I am happy you got to the bottom of your downloading issues.

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I suppose it’s time for a new router. I’ve heard they only last about a year, and that’s how long I’ve had this one.

Thanks to everyone who helped narrow things down for me.

Not to get off subject, but over the years I too have had wired router issues that did not seem fixable with a firmware update. I am not sure a year is a good number (I’ve had my present one for a couple of years) they do not seem to last as long as you might think. Perhaps it is the increased network activity, as time goes on, or just failing hardware for a device that stays on 24/7. It is one of the first things I would suggest you replace when you are having network issues on more than one locally installed PC. As costs keep going down and performance keeps going up, a device that has such a great effect on your network should be replaced ever so often it would seem.

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