Downloading OOREXX & THE RPMs for OpenSuSe?

I have an old laptop with Pentium (32-bit) processors and a desktop with AMD64s. I’ve installed OpenSuSe 11.3 on the laptop and LEAP 42.3 on the desktop. The desktop does not have Internet access. I’m currently using Open Object REXX (OOREXX) and The Hessling Editor (THE) on the laptop windoze partition, but I’d like current versions for the desktop and appropriate versions for the SuSe 11.3 partition. They don’t seem to be on the LEAP 42.3 DVD, and I can’t find amd64 builds for LEAP 42.3. Can anybody provide me with the URLs for either or both distributions? Thanks.

Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz

the current LEAP version is 42.3 and is 64bit only you can get it here 4.3GB link
but you’re better off downloading it from as there are more options like different mirrors or a torrent link
regarding your 32bit laptop you should install TW on it as there is no 32bit version of LEAP and as far as I can tell most Linux distro’s are dropping support for x86 4.3GB link

Of course, which is why I only installed it on my AMD64 desktop. But it doesn’t include OOREXX or THE, and I’m looking for the appropriate RPM files for them, at least the two for the desktop but preferably all four.

I hadn’t realized that there was still a 32-bit Tumbleweed; I’ll replace the 11.3 in the next few days. Thanks.

you can get ooRex from here
version 4.2 is in the OSS repo for LEAP (there’s no chance if getting the 11.3 packages)
but the problem with rpm’s and no internet access is dependencies
all I can say is download it with you laptop copy it with a usb stick then run
zypper in /path/to/ooRexx-4.2.0-5.14.x86_64.rpm
if it installs good if not take a note of the missing dependencies, you can copy the zypper error messages and paste them in a text file
then with your laptop go package hunting for LEAP on

Is that a 32-bit rpm despite the 64 in the name?

<> takes me to a page with a “Direct install” that gives me the ymp file rather than the rpm file.

<> on IE gives me a blank page - should I try it somewhere that has FireFox?

I was able to install Tumbleweed on top of my 11.3 install. It doesn’t seem to have dosbox, dosemu or wine.


I don’t do 1-click installs I always avoid them
and click show other options
I’m getting errors with ie there but Firefox works
From the list select LEAP and ether click on the 64bit link or right click and select save link as

works fine with both Firefox and IE 11 under win7 it gives me the option to save the rpm file the page is blank tho as there is nothing to be shown

Thanks. What’s the URL for the Tumbleweed 42.3 version of The Hessling Editor, and does that also require FF rather than IE?
I’ve noticed an IE bug only on non en-US systems or systems with unsupported default locale if I set the default language to english IE works fine so if your locale is English you should be able to use IE too if not set the preferred language to english (in Internet options) or use Firefox

I get the error on a US English IE, but FF works fine, except for going to the download directory instead of asking me. I was able to install OOREXX and THE, but there are still a few issues:

  1. The X11 version (xthe) is not in the RPM file
  2. The THE RPM file doesn’t add the to the edit menu
  3. Either rexxtry is not installed, it’s not in the path or
    I’ve got the wrong capitalization

Where can I download the LEAP and Tumbleweed RPM files for xthe? Thanks.

  1. the x11 version is not build or packaged only the text version is available from opensuse you can either build it yourself or open a bug report about the missing x11 THE package over at
  2. the rpm does not change the system mime info but you can always right click on the file (file type) you want to associate with THE then select Open With → Other… type **the **(or nthe) and check the remember application association (I’m describing KDE Gnome or XFCE or LXDE … are different but similar)
  3. I just installed THE and the is in the path running



starts THE editor

I opened ticket 1081477 and the resolution was “That would depend on presence of xcurses, which as far as I know were never in
openSUSE, and also are unlikely to ever be.” What is my best step forward? Thanks.